Welcome to Trinity!

Welcome to the community of Christians who have made Trinity their spiritual home.

Please join us at our Sunday Service at 9:00 AM

Each Sunday we gather for worship imbued with inspiration and grace. We are a church that values true diversity and engages the challenges and complexities of the modern world. Within our parish you will find people committed to service and outreach, education, Christian fellowship, and pastoral care. Our parish is composed of individuals who have worshiped at Trinity for decades along with those who are just discovering our faith community. If you are seeking to make deeper spiritual connections with God and a faith community take a few minutes to explore our web-site. If you’d like to speak with someone, about our community of worship, call the church office at 508-842-6040. We invite you to come and visit our church and encounter the people who make our church a community of faith. We all hope that your visit will be rewarded by discovering a place of welcome, beauty, joy and prayer. About our Church: Trinity Episcopal Church is set on several beautiful acres of gardens and woodland. The first thing that you see when you come in the front door is handmade (by our children) felt banners covering the wall that separates the Narthex from the church. The church itself is bright with sunshine pouring in from golden windows behind the stone altar and the walls of the church are covered with hand painted tiles made by some of our families. It is a most welcoming sight. We are a community of dedicated Christians, each on a journey of faith, seeking to serve God through our love for one another and the world beyond our walls. Our services  on Sunday include our small and mighty choir leading us in song whether we are celebrating the Eucharist or coming together for Morning Prayer. We hope that you will feel welcomed by our congregation as you join us for worship and fellowship. Please come by and worship with us, you will find us a prayerful and loving community of faith. Trinity is seeking God’s voice for our lives together through the Canon 16 process for parish renewal. While we are in discernment, the Senior and Junior Wardens help to guide our community of faith in all church related matters. We  have been gifted by volunteers who make up the dedicated Canon 16 team who will guide our conversations as we seek our new path. The volunteers who make up Trinity’s dedicated Canon 16 team  will guide our conversations as we seek our new path. The members of Trinity’s Canon 16 listening group are, from left to right  Jen Morin a lay leader at Trinity; Lisa Green neighboring rector at St. John’s, Sutton; Moira Miller a lay leader at Trinity; Dan Mylott, the Junior Warden at Christ Church, Fitchburg; Canon Rich Simpson, and our Wardens, John Tyndale and Leigh O’Connor (not pictured). canon16